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Early Years Consultancy Training from Lucy Waterman
Are you aware that the new Ofsted cycle of inspections started on 1st August 2016? This now means that all inspections are back on the list to be completed again in this cycle. The training we offer gives a comprehensive overview of everything you need to be ready for your CIF inspection. This will be especially helpful if your last inspection was carried out under the previous framework.

Whether you were inspected 6 months or 4 years ago, you will be due an inspection in this cycle.

In the last few weeks there have also been key changes to the document “Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years” and a greater emphasis on e-safety. Ofsted have released several documents outlining the changes and evidence they will gather.

Inspectors are also looking closely now at how EYPP money has been spent and for evidence of the impact on outcomes for children. We will give you a detailed summary of how inspectors will gather evidence in all these areas under the CIF.

We will also update you with how the inspection process is being transferred from the ISPs (Tribal and Prospects) to Ofsted ready for next Summer.

Book now for this 3 hour session which will give many practical ideas for meeting the inspection criteria, and the most up to date information.

With regular headlines in the press about online-safety, questions over whether settings should share photos online or by messaging services, and the many concerns about social media, it is little wonder that online-safety is a growing priority. In fact, it has become so important that Ofsted now includes it as an integral part of their judgement on safeguarding, putting it firmly on the agenda of all Early Years settings.

Combine this with an increasing number of parents and settings using tablets and mobile devices with young children (and even babies), the extensive range of smart watches and devices that have cameras attached, and we soon see that the need to have good online-safety policies in place is critical.

So, how do you enable young children to take full advantage of new technology to learn and develop, while providing a safe environment?

Where does your responsibility end and parental responsibility begin? And can you help to ensure children’s online-safety beyond the front door of your nursery? Did you even know that Ofsted will ask about this? It can feel like a lot to think about and get right, but don’t worry. We are here to help.

Our training aims to provide you with some insight and advice on how to approach online-safety. We’ll give you simple ideas, practical activities, up to date research, hot off the press guidance from Ofsted, and useful hints on how to put effective online-safety provisions in place. All of this will help you to meet the needs of young children, staff, parents and Ofsted.

Using the references to “online-safety” in the updated “Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years” Ofsted document, we will share with you the clear guidelines given to inspectors on the type of evidence they must gather.  We will explain how inspectors begin to gather evidence in the days before the inspection, and how they gather evidence during their visit to your setting.

Book now for this 3 hour session, which will also give you a comprehensive set of activities and resources to take away and use in staff training. The perfect way to develop your whole team’s understanding of online-safety.

Does everyone know exactly what inspectors are looking for to judge teaching, learning & assessment, leadership & management and safeguarding?

We will provide:

  • Guidance on preparing for your inspection, Half day’s notice, A full mock inspection day
  • Feedback on the day, A written report, An action plan, A follow up staff meeting
  • We can then support you with further training or help you complete your self-evaluation

There is no such thing as a standard training course when it comes to Early Years settings, because there is no such thing as a standard setting! Everywhere is different, and that’s why we tailor our courses to meet your own very unique needs.

Before starting any training we will discuss your needs with you as this will help us to recognise your concerns and any areas where training might be beneficial. It also allows us to tailor any in-house training to the needs of your staff team.  We have found this interactive process the best way to discover what your setting needs and to save you paying for training that you and your staff members don’t actually need. There are no long and complex forms to complete; we’ll chat on the phone or come to your setting. Then, with a combination of observation and conversation put together a proposal unique to your setting.

  • How to be an Outstanding setting – key messages from Ofsted.
  • A great place to be two! – The advantages of catering to two year olds and the funding it can bring.
  • Tuning in to children – How do we really see and hear things from the children’s point of view?
  • Characteristics of Effective Learning – asking the right questions – How does our environment support open ended play? How can we use effective questions to promote critical thinking?
  • Maths is fun
  • Inspirational Leadership – Effective leadership and management
  • High quality interactions with children
  • British Values
  • Completing the SEF and action planning

Check our calendar for current training dates, or contact us to discuss other locations for training.

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