Feedback from EYC Trainees


An amazing course – I was reluctant to come as it was Maths, but I wouldn’t have missed it!

Teresa, School TA

This course was truly inspirational – lots of useful ideas and information backed up with real objects and activities to explore. Great personalities of the trainers! Thank you so much for a lovely day .

Nicci, School TA

Lucy and Sandra were amazing – and delivered a very enjoyable/informative course.

Jenny, School TA

In depth knowledge of Maths as play-based learning. Examples of how to see Maths in children’s play. Highlighted how and why children are doing something and gave me confidence to be able to explain this to Ofsted.

Wendy, School TA

Every Child a Talker

Very informative! I will take a lot back to my setting from this. Lucy and Sandra were fab, very knowledgeable.

Sarah, Nursery Manager

Very good training and delivered in a very practical way and easily understandable.

Jo, Preschool Assistant

I found this course to be incredibly useful. Led by excellent, knowledgeable professionals. Would highly recommend to colleagues.

Sam, Deputy Manager

Online Safety in Early Years

Thank you both very much for a really usefully study morning yesterday. I really enjoyed it, it was exceptional value for money, the amount of information you shared and resources and toolkits to use in our own settings was so useful and helpful and time saving, so thank you. I was a little nervous about going but ended up with a great sense of achievement. You also have inspired/motivated me to do more. I am re-vamping the parent leaflet after you added a few more tips yesterday and going to re-launch during on-line safety week. I liked the fact that the training was about doing more than Ofsted expect as its good to embed these principles. That can be the biggest challenge sometimes.

Shan, Owner, New Road Nursery - Ofsted Outstanding

I found the balance in the training was right. Just enough of ‘oh my goodness I didn’t realise that’ – with plenty of information and activities to whet appetites and provide resources for staff training. Enjoyed the session thank you.

Bev, Preschool Manager

I found the training very informative and extremely beneficial. I have already started to make changes at the setting and this will also inform changes to our E-Safety policy. The resources provided will support training for staff and allow us opportunity to share information with parents, via the leaflet you provided, thank you! I will be raising awareness of internet safety and will also be including your ‘top tips’ on our newsletters. I found the training used a variety of learning styles to suit all participants and I really enjoyed sharing good practice with other attendees.

Jackie, Nursery Manager, Bright Stars - Ofsted Outstanding


The support and guidance from Lucy and Sandra has been, and still is invaluable for our nursery school and particularly to management. The staff team always love to see them, and they are encouraging even when something needs to be improved.

It’s so helpful having someone who understands our ethos and continually inspires us with it. We have had an fantastic start to 2017 with Lucy and Sandra visiting us weekly, guiding us and spurring us on to our goal of an outstanding Ofsted when they come!

Emma, Nursery School Director, Surrey

Mock Inspections

This service has been a great benefit to the setting. On the day Sandra and Lucy made all the staff feel at ease and the great advice and support they gave enabled everyone to be very well prepared for the real Ofsted inspection.

The whole day was beyond our expectations. The feedback was extremely helpful and enabled us to see areas of our provision that we need to focus on as a team.

I would highly recommend this service and all training opportunities that Sandra and Lucy have on offer. The whole staff team feel that if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to engage in any training or support from Sandra and Lucy, you will find them a great asset to your setting.

Sharon, Preschool Manager, Wiltshire

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