Introducing Early Years Consultancy

Lucy and Sandra of Early Years Consultancy both have many years experience in Early Years and launched their training and mentoring service in 2015. Identifying a gap in support services within the Early Years sector, they are committed to working with you, enabling you to continue delivering high quality provision.

National Early Years Trainers & Consultants

We are a part of National Early Years Trainers & Consultants (NEYTCO) and adhere to their Code of Practice.

NEYTCO Code of Practice:

I will behave with honesty and integrity in my own actions and in my interactions with colleagues, other organisations with which I come into contact, clients, the wider community and the NEyTCO. This means that I will:

  • Strive for excellence in all that I do
  • Put clients’ interests first, doing whatever it takes to serve them to the highest possible standards at all times
  • Establish, maintain and develop business relationships based on confidence, trust and respect
  • Remain accountable for my actions
  • Disclose any personal interest which may affect my decisions
  • Safeguard confidential information and not seek personal advantage from it
  • Act only within my level of competence and seek support if asked to act beyond my current level of capability

I will behave respectfully towards others, and encourage and maintain an environment where learners, clients and other stakeholders feel respected at all times. This means that I will:

  • Respect the rights, customs, culture, practices and beliefs of others
  • Ensure that I am aware of, and comply with, all relevant legislation and regulations that exist to protect others
  • Act in a manner which recognises diversity as an asset and does not discriminate in respect of race, gender, disability, learning difficulty, age, sexual orientation or religious belief
  • Respect social, environmental and wider corporate responsibility concerns, assessing the impact of my actions on the environment and society around me, and seeking to conserve resources wherever possible.

I will commit to a programme of personal and professional development in order to ensure I am able to provide effective support. This means that I will:

  • Seek feedback on my performance and development needs
  • Continue to develop personally and professionally
  • Keep up-to-date with best practice, including complying with the expectations of any professional bodies that oversee my professional activity.

Lucy Waterman BA (Hons)

Lucy has worked in Early Years for many years, leading practice and managing settings. She received a Nursery World finalist award in 2013 for her work as an Early Years Professional, mentoring and supporting settings and parents. Lucy has taught on the Foundation Degree and BA in Childcare and Education. Currently providing coaching and mentoring for Early Years managers, Lucy has written for Teach Nursery magazine and published a book “Writing your SEF” providing clear guidance for settings and childminders.

Sandra Woolley MEd

Sandra has many years experience as a teacher, teaching in maintained nursery and reception classes. She worked as a Local Authority Advisory Teacher supporting settings, childminders and Children’s Centres, and has had extensive practice as an Early Years Inspector. Sandra has a Masters degree in Education and a detailed understanding of children’s learning and development. She has lectured in Higher Education on both the Foundation degree and BA, and is currently supporting students in their placement visits to achieve best practice.

Both Sandra and Lucy are passionate about the importance of the Early Years, and deliver high quality, inspirational training across the country.